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Starting Something New

Show Me Your Bad Writing


So I foolishly decided to start something new here: write every day.


I asked myself a question – what if every day I sat down and wrote just 100 words.


And what if, every month, I took all those 100 words and I put them together in a book.


Would it be a good book?


Probably not.


But who cares? I wrote it. Like they say, time heals all wounds, and if I keep at it, my writing will improve and get sharper and sharper.


You gotta start somewhere, and I’m starting from zero.


Partly (largely) inspired by Seth Godin’s words “show me your bad writing”.

(Time 31:12)


5 am wake up

Throwing one more wrench in there:


I started waking up daily at 5am. Today is day 9 for 9. I think it’s supposed to take 21 days to build a habit, so looks like I’m almost there.


I even started filming a facebook live just for sh*ts and giggles. It motivates me to actually get out of bed and keep myself accountable.


But even more than that, I feel it keeps me humble and authentic.


It’s the real me. As real as I can get. My hair’s a mess, I haven’t showered, I don’t have a “speech” prepared. I just get up, make my coffee, stretch a bit and read my book.


If you think that’s dumb, then stop watching plz.


100 Words

So I did my 5am wake up today and I think I’ve overdone my 100 words. So mission accomplished.


Here’s to progress.





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