Unique Dojo URL: How To Buy Your Martial Arts Web Domain

Getting A Unique Dojo URL: How To Buy Your Martial Arts Web Domain

So you’ve made the big move: you decided to start your own gym, you’ve got a new dojo, you found floor space, and now you’re ready to get people in the door. It probably goes without saying that in 2020 a business without a website, isn’t a business. This guide is all about picking your unique Dojo URL and how to buy your martial arts web domain for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym owners.

Here’s a quick overview by Barry Von Over on the importance of a good domain name and website:

Having a solid domain and website is the bedrock of your marketing plan. So let’s jump into it.

Martial Arts Marketing Solutions: Choosing Your Domain

“Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet…”

No disrespect to Shakespere but he was unfortunately wrong on this one. Choosing the right name is surprisingly important, and oddly complicated. But I’ll break this down as simply as possible:

Keywords In Domain Name

What do I mean by a keyword? I mean the words that people actively search for in Google. And it’s important to note that Google still puts a lot of weight towards the domain name.

For example, someone looking for a BJJ gym in toronto might search: “Toronto BJJ”, so having the domain would be hugely beneficial in making it to the top of the search results (remember, most clicks go to the top 3 positions, and a disproportionately high amount to the first position).

What keywords are most important to your gym? I like to think in terms of [location+action]. This should be a big part of your martial arts marketing solution. For example your URL could be:

If that’s already taken? Try getting more specific:

Domain Extension?

Here’s a big one: what domain extension to you pick?

By default we would recommend .com, especially if you’re in the US. It’s the most recognizable, and when people are guessing what your website is, they’ll probably guess .com! The last thing you want is a website that’s .net but nobody can find you because they try .com then give up when they can’t find you.

But it gets more complicated than that: what if .com is already taken, or what if you’re just serving a local market?

For example, a .ca extension will show up more favourably in Google when the searcher is in Canada. If you run a local business, then I recommend using the local country extension (.ca,,,, etc), as your local SEO will but MUCH easier for your local markets.

Keep in mind, when you choose a .com domain, you are competing against the literal entire world for search engine rankings. Local country extensions and more sheltered from mass competition.


One more consideration is length. You generally want this to be EASY for people to type in a search for, and memorability adds bonus points. Long names are confusing and difficult to remember.

What’s a maximum length? As a general rule, try to keep it under 15 characters and 3 words ( is coincidentally exactly 3 words and 15 characters). This is a google length to get the necessary keywords in there, without overdoing it.

For example:, might be getting a little long.

Hyphen Or No Hyphen?

Sometimes you’ll see URLs with hyphens, and I guess the theory is to make it easier to read, however I tend to avoid it. Firstly, most people probably won’t think to include hyphens when they type it out, and generally it just makes it look longer and clunkier than it needs to be.

People have gotten comfortable reading and writing domains without hyphens. Why make it any more difficult?

So now you’ve picked your killer domain name, it’s time to check whether it’s available and buy it.

How To Buy Your Martial Arts Web Domain: GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google Domains

How to buy your martial arts web domain? This is far from a comprehensive review of all domain registration providers. The big 3 that I see most commonly are GoDaddy, NameCheap and G Suite/Google Domains.


At BJJ Marketing Lab, we find GoDaddy to be the best for searching. If you have a domain idea and you want to check whether it’s available, and with which domain extension you want to use (.com, .ca, .org etc).

Typically domains are roughly $20 per year, but sometimes they’ll give you a massive discount if you pay 2 years upfront.

A word of caution with GoDaddy – they tend to lure you in with a promise of a $2.99 domain, but there’s an endless list of extras. For example, privacy is extra, email is extra, website builder is extra and “get found on google” is extra.

And an SSL security certificate is roughly an extra $100 per year. Personally it feels a little bait and switch.


NameCheap is simpler, pick your domain, add SSL $5 per year, add WordPress hosting from approx $1 per month,

G Suite / Google Domains

Domains are typically $13-17 per year and include free Whois Privacy (protects your identity from being freely available online, a big plus).

The BJJ Marketing Lab’s Recommendation:

With all that said, our personal preference here at the BJJ Marketing Lab is G Suite / Google Domains (no affiliate link).


G Suite just makes it easy. And in a world of endless options, sometimes just simple and clear is a breath of fresh air.

That’s how to buy your martial arts web domain

G Suite Integration

Now here’s one of our favourite reasons to use G Suite – it’s fully integrated in to the Google Suite of services (hence G suite) – The basic plan starts at roughly $7.50 per month, and includes Gmail (with your own domain, so [email protected] for example), 30gb of Google Drive storage, including use of docs, sheets, photos etcs.

As Gmail and G Suite users, we love how simple this is just to get running.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

One caveat – if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, there is a 30 day wait period for all new G Suite accounts, and you need to front load $30 (it’s not an additional fee, you just need to pay it up front from your monthly G Suite bill).

This could be a slight bummer if you’re eager to launch to your YouTube channel. But there’s a silver lining – with a waiting period of 30 days, it means you have 30 days to stockpile and perfect your videos, so when launch day hits, you can post with consistency well into the future.

Web Hosting

This will be covered further in future blogs, but once you have your domain purchased, your next step is to setup your website. WordPress.og (self-hosted), would typically be the most desired, but alternative options are, or a landing page software like ClickFunnels or Unbounce.

Martial Arts Digital Marketing can feel overwhelming and confusing. We hope this guide has been useful. To be continued…

To Your Martial Arts Marketing Success,


BJJ Marketing Lab

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