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Welcome To The BJJ Marketing Lab

Welcome to the BJJ Marketing Lab! This is the place to stay up to date on all the latest marketing and advertising strategies for Martial Arts Academies and Dojos.

As a gym owner, teacher, mentor and business owner, you work damn hard. You work hard to give your students the best experience possible, and that’s what keeps a smile on your face.

But can I be frank for a second? You probably aren’t thrilled thinking about how at the end of a long day you need to figure out some marketing plan. Let’s be honest, the internet is a big and confusing place, and there’s a lot of misleading and contradictory information out there.

Our intention here is to be the Marketing Research Lab. We do the tests and experiments, we figure out what works and drop what doesn’t. We want this to be a place where BJJ and Martial Arts Teachers come to learn from the best.

No fluff, no bull, just actionable steps backed up by studies so you can easily implement your own martial arts marketing strategy.

Organic? Paid Ads? Social Media? Yep, We Cover It. 

There’s a lot of confusing words in digital marketing. What is “organic” anyway? Does that mean the web search wasn’t sprayed with pesticides?

Fortunately it has nothing to do with being sprayed or not. I’m going to dive deeper in future posts about the distinctions here, but for now let’s just say that “organic” is any traffic you don’t have to directly pay for, while “paid traffic” is when you put your money where your mouth is.


The BJJ Marketing Lab is going to dive into all different forms of online advertising, and possibly some non-digital forms. This will be a comprehensive guide to the full realm of dojo marketing.

Whether you want to rank higher on google, have a bigger following on your facebook page, considering starting a youtube channel, or want to know how to completely dominate your niche, the BJJ Marketing Lab is your guide to making it happen.

Creating Content

With digital marketing you effectively have two options: pay for exposure, OR, create content so good that people naturally share it and Google or YouTube organically show it to people.

Here’s the honest truth: creating content is a LOT of hard work. Just like BJJ training on the mat, it takes dedication, commitment and consistency.

Future posts will dive deeper into a content creation strategy, but here’s a video by Miles Beckler, where he explains the principle behind his all out 90 day content creation challenge.

Miles is an accomplished digital marketer who predominantly uses un-paid organic methods of generating traffic. 

Martial Arts Marketing Solutions

Every dojo is different, every teacher is different and every student is different. That’s why we stay away from “one size fits all solutions”. Every gym is going to have it’s unique challenges, and we want to lay out marketing solutions and strategies which can be adapted to your unique situation.

We are structuring this blog (and soon YouTube channel and so much more), as a series of marketing experiments. Each blog will start with a certain hypothesis to test, and through a series of experimentations, we will discover whether that hypothesis is correct. For example:

  • Are paid ads better than organic?
  • Is social media still relevant?
  • Is Facebook or YouTube more important?
  • How long does it take to start ranking on Google?
  • Is it too late to start a YouTube channel?
  • Why are leads so flakey? And is there a better way to get them to show up?
  • Why are ad costs so high?

In each series, we’ll take you through a deep dive where we break down the situation, and more importantly, give you the actionable steps you can take away and start implementing immediately for your dojo.

Grand Vision: The Google Take Over (And Why It Matters To You)

Have you ever set a goal and felt a little bit scared by it?

Here’s an ambitious goal we’re setting for ourselves here at the BJJ Marketing Lab:

Take over Google page 1 for the term “BJJ Marketing”.

And I don’t mean just get into the top spot, I mean literally take over the entire page.

How Can You Take Over Google?

It begs the question, how do you just…take over google? And if it was so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Let’s answer the first question – Google is constantly sourcing and indexing MULTIPLE platforms simultaneously. The

Here’s the full list I’ve made (and I’m still discovering new ones)

  1. Google Organic
  2. Google Paid Ads
  3. YouTube Videos
  4. Google My Business (Local Map Pack Only)
  5. Facebook Page
  6. Instagram Page
  7. LinkedIn Page
  8. Twitter Page
  9. Pinterest
  10. Etsy
  11. Google Images
  12. Reddit / Quora / Ask

That’s 12 (and counting), ways to get listed on Google. Imagine landing all of them, or heck, even half of them on the first page of google? Imagine what that would do for your credibility?

So here’s the ambitious goal:

Rank for at least 3 of them on the first page of Google, and 4 more on the 2nd page by Christmas 2020. And by the end of 2021 have completely dominated the entire 1st page of Google.

Here’s what Page 1 of Google looks like right now (Feb 29, 2020):

Why You’ll Wish You Heard Of Us Sooner

It breaks my heart when I talk to business owners and I hear how much they’re spending on their Marketing Strategies, and how little they actually see in return.

Online advertising can be tricky as there are so many simultaneously moving parts, and it’s easy to spend a lot of money, real fast. Just ask me how I know.

The BJJ Marketing Lab is here as a resource to help guide you on your journey. We are working tirelessly in the trenches so you don’t have to be.

As much as possible we will break down ideas and concepts into the easiest to understand and digestible, so you have an easy action plan that you can take away and start implementing.

The simple truth is we want you at the top of your game. We can’t succeed unless you do.

We look forward to sharing our lab results with you.



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