Advice Consistency Words To My Younger Self

Words To My Younger Self

Ending The Writer’s Block


About 2 months ago I boldly declared (I think it was Feb 29th, that day oddly stands out in my mind), that I would start a blog and a youtube channel and that within a matter of minutes I would be world famous.


Well turns out I didn’t accomplish either (who would’ve guessed it?!).


Firstly, f*ck being famous. I’ve realised for me it’s the wrong goal. It’s chasing the wrong thing.


Instead of setting a goal “I want to be famous”, what about instead saying “I’ll write and publish every day words with my name on it”.


Way less sexy right? But it’s action. And action is forward  momentum.


Secondly, to get over my writer’s block (and let’s be honest, it wasn’t really writers block, I was just lazy), I took the pressure off myself.


Instead of saying I need a 2500+ word expertly crafted blog post daily, I just told myself “write 100 words”


Thirdly, I was too stuck on nailing my perfect “direction” or “topic”, or area of “thought leadership”, excellent, excellent buzzwords. I was too focused on the “what” that I wasn’t focused on the “doing.


So I decided to keep it simple: “write the advice you wish you could tell your 12 year old self”


So my new goal transformed from the meaningless “be famous” to the clear and tangible “write and publish 100 words of advice to your 12 year old self every day”.


That suddenly sounds achievable right? And more importantly, it sounds like something I could do with discipline and consistency.


It reminds me of people who say they don’t have time to work out. Now I have empathy, some people have crazy busy lives and kids and all sorts of sh*t I can’t imagine, but, you’re telling me you don’t have time to do 5 pushups? Would take less time than it took to read this paragraph. In fact, I’ll do 5 right now. Hold on.


Back. 5 pushups done.


Advice And Words To My Younger Self:


My point is this, and here’s my first piece of advice:


It’s cool to have big and audacious goals, but being overly ambitious (on a daily basis) can quickly burn you out. Pick an absolutely tiny goal. A goal so tiny it’s impossible not to do it. And then just do it. every, single, f*cking, day. (Also give credit where credit is due, I think this concept came from the book Atomic Habits, I haven’t read it yet but my friends have raved about it).

Because it’s consistency, discipline and dependability that actually matter at the end of the day.

Remember, the tortoise always beats the hare.


And with that said, I’ve hit well over my 100 words.







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