5am Routine Work Hard

Work Too Hard, Or Not Enough?

Typical Day

I find no matter how hard I work, I always end up feeling like it’s not enough. “I could have worked even HARDER”, I tell myself.


So I’m taking a moment to reflect on what hard work even means to me, and starting with a look at my typical day. This should be fun.


4:45 am – my loving alarm lovingly starts blasting some loving music. Time to make coffee.

5am – attempt to do some stretching and wake my body up


5:30am – do some book reading


5:45am – sit down and write this blog (it’s 5:49 as write this word, so metta…)

6am – start work

Then keep working

9pm – fall in bed exhausted


Then, do it again the next day.

Now I take a few breaks between 6am and 9pm, so it’s not literally 15 hours straight. So with lunch, dinner and (maybe) a few walks, now we’re talking more 12-14 hours per day, depending on how crazy everything is.


Work Too Hard, Or Not Enough?

Sleep is important to me. Min 6 hours, but really strive for 8 every night (need to be in bed by 9pm to get my 8 hours by 5am, fun fact).

So if I sleep 8 hours, there’s not really more “hours” to fit into the day. So yes I “work too hard” and put in too many hours.


But. My bigger question is – could I work smarter? I’m hyper aware of the fact I work hard, but not efficiently.


Working too hard leads to burnout and poor ideas. That sounds like a bad combo and a poor life decision.


So what’s the answer? Get a faster computer? faster internet? higher some interns? higher freelancers? Tell the boss I’m not working?


The answer isn’t clear to me, but if Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week taught me anything, is that you can’t do much alone, and you need a team.


Guess it’s time to find my team. Giddy up.





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