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Writing Live On A Livestream

So I had this idea….


What if I wrote a blog post live?


Seems like a pretty dumb idea. I thought so too.


A while back (2-weeks or so), I started waking up at 5am. Not because I’m super motivated or a morning person (definitely not), but because I was attempting to build some consistency and discipline into my life.


So I started doing it. And to be honest, it was a massive failure.


I’d wake up at 5am, it would be cold, dark, and filled with unhappiness. My bed looked so tempting. “go back to bed” my wonderful brain would sooth me.

I’d try to fight, but it was nearly impossible to resist. And so, I’d go back to bed. Until…

Someone accused me of not actually getting up and out of bed in the morning (shit I got called out!). So I had this brilliant idea – why not livestream it!


I started live-streaming my mornings. And let’s be honest, they were bad. Waking up, groggy, miserable, messy hair and just generally a miserable human.

But, it worked, it got me out of bed. Every day for the last 2 weeks (I should check the actual day 1), I’ve been up and out of bed by 5am (couple days 5:15…oops).


Do What Works:


And so I had the brilliant idea – if livestreaming kicks my ass to get out of bed in the morning…why not take that concept and apply it to blog writing or video editing…I have so much writing that I keep telling myself I need to do, but I just keep not doing it.

So I found the answer (I hope) – get up every day 5am, livestream yourself waking up, drinking coffee and stretching, and THEN from 5:30-7 put aside 90 minutes to write, and livestream yourself doing it.

Use the livestream to get the ball rolling.


My belief more and more is that consistency and discipline are what win out in the long run.


Life is a marathon I hear.


So here’s to writing the (next) chapter 1.





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